About Charlie

Hello, My name is Charlie.

This is me  ;)



This was in 2016 just after we moved. The Shop is a bit different now. My son was 2.

Dad by day... then, in the dark of night, an eye patch maker!  ;)



I lost my right eye when I was 18. Had an prosthetic for about a year. I didn't like the thing so I started making my own patches.

Figured, If I'm to wear an eye patch it ought to be sweet looking! (yeah, we said "sweet" in the 90's ha!) My first eye patch was carved from a piece of walnut wood. It was real basic but it worked. I lost that one and had to make another, then another... each one got a little "sweeter".  ;)

A few people noticed my patches and asked if I could make one for them. Now I make them for folks around the world.


My mission is to make patches that you will be proud to wear. I believe eye patches can fit well and be good looking. 


Thank you for your interest.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


You can also visit my Facebook page  for more info and bunch of pictures.