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 My name is Charlie.

Me ;)  ...


I've always enjoyed inventing and designing stuff... soooo after I poked an eye out I have been having fun reinventing the eye patch!

new sweet eye patches.jpg


I figured, If I'm to wear an eye patch it ought to be sweet looking! My first eye patch was carved from a piece of walnut wood. It was real basic but it worked. I lost that one and had to make another, and then another... each one got a little sweeter.

Then I started making them for others.

I enjoy making patches and have been reinventing the eye patch to make them more comfortable and fun to wear. My mission is to make comfortable, high quality, sweet looking patches that you will be proud to wear. I believe eye patches should be fun and sexy. 

Thank you for your interest and check back often for new designs. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


You can also visit my Facebook page for updates and creative new designs.






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