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I make these patches by hand and take great pride in each one. I hope you enjoy yours!


Did you have a chance to read my little story on the patches page?


Patches are back-ordered like crazy...Thank you  ;)

Shipping times are ridiculous. Please be patient. You will receive your patches.


I thank you for all the time you will wait. In today's world we don't wait for stuff and when we do, well, we sometimes get frustrated and angry. I understand.


This is hand made goodness. Please be patient.

I made a mistake of taking on more orders than I could handle in a good amount of time. It was a choice of making them available at the time or not and I didn't realize how many orders I was receiving. Many of you are understanding and willing to wait. Thank you!
However, on a sad side, there are an increasing amount of people who are very upset about the wait. I tried to post reasoning here <---clicky... but these folks are going to be angry regardless. If you are angry about the wait, simply send me an email with "refund" in the title or first sentence and do spare me your tirade. "Ain't nobody got time for that"
For those of you who have been waiting patiently again I offer you a BIG "Thank you!!" The love I have been receiving far outweighs the hate.
If you are just wondering if I have your order and it hasn't been lost please trust that I do have your order and if you are still willing to wait, you will receive it.
Custom orders are full up. I will reopen the books when the current orders have been built.
Please read the story on the patches page before asking where your order is. I have it and I WILL be building your patch...just going to take a ridiculous amount of time is all.
Please be patient with me.