Strapless Patch Padding

$0.75 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


Padding for the strapless eye patches. This is the round, black padding the patch tape attaches to. Includes 2 pieces


Your Sweet Eye Patch should last for many years but it's important to change the padding regularly. It's best to change the padding before it gets gooey, smelly or any other type of gross :) 


Padding Instructions:

Hello, If you have any questions on how to apply the padding, please feel free to contact me.

• Be certain all the goo from the old padding is completely off the patch.Clean the patch well and dry. Tape only sticks to clean flat surfaces.

• Peal the backing off the padding

Gently apply the padding around the outside edge of the backside of your patch. DO NOT streeeetch the padding!

• Don't press hard on the padding until you have the padding where you want it.

• Be sure you have it where you want it.

• Cut off the extra length

• Rub the padding down very firmly




Video coming soon....