I make these by hand and take great pride in each one. I hope you enjoy yours!



New customer or wondering where the L your patch order is? Please read my little story below. Thank you!!


Hello to all who are waiting on a patch from me. An email to help you understand the wait   ;)


In 2012 I made some patches for a guy named Dan who had lost an eye in service to his country. Then in 2018 he decides to become a Congressman and incidentally a representative for those who wear eye patches. Some of you may know him ;)

In December of last year (about 7 months ago) Dan sends me a text asking if I want him to post about who makes his patches. I said "Sure! I need more than enough to do, so go for it!"

I had no idea what was about to happen...


That video had 15 thousand views in just 5 days! That's a 15 with 3 0's for you numerically inclined folks - 15,000! To me that was incredible! That video and Dan's crew brought a lot of fine folks to my little business.


He even went on Saturday Night cool is that? Tons of exposure there with 9 million views!! One of my patches on SNL!! Unbelievable...just unbelievable!  (good message there too)



If the attention from that video had brought only 15 customers to my door it would have been more than I have ever had, all at once at any time in the past.


What's cool too is that all this is making more people aware that there are options for good looking patches out there. Whether it be mine or someone else's design, a bunch of people now know there are more options beyond those crappy drugstore patches.


I started making custom eye patches when I lost an eye (still haven't found it). Now I'm a full-time dad too. My mornings are spent. My days are crazy. My nights are no longer for sleeping. Have you heard of the 4 Burners Theory? It talks about work-life balance. This is what my life looks like right now... well kinda! I am trying to find the balance between taking care of my kids and making patches. This is why shipping times are so long.




I've tried to hire. Three different people, and really, all that was just a waste of time. Derp...still looking though. If you are in my area (Queen Creek, AZ) and want a pt job.... I can't ship work out. It's too specialized. Easy to make cheap patches - difficult to make quality.


What I'm asking is for you to help me get through this round of patches. Please be patient with me. Please please please. Each time I get an email asking where a patch order is it breaks my big heart. It stinks waiting for stuff  - I know.


Next year my wife Katie will be out of college and my oldest kid will be in school. I'll have a load more time to make patches then. But until then... this will be a rocky road for you and me. I either make these patches available and you wait, or I quit making them. I don't want to stop making patches. Too many amazing emails from customers have told me how these patches changed their lives. So I'll keep making patches.


Please be patient. It could take a few months to receive your patch. But next year I promise to have this figured out.

Thanks so much for your time!



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