I make these by hand and take great pride in each one. I hope you enjoy yours!





Patches are back-ordered like crazy...Thank you  ;)


Shipping times are ??? Please be patient. You will receive your patches.


If you know you can't wait, simply don't buy one  ;)



I have had a shock-wave of support for eye patches recently. Its been nothing short of amazing! And thanks to Congressman Dan Crenshaw for posting about who makes his patches.


I am a guy with one eye who makes patches. I'm a work-from-home dad. I have 2 kids. Not a big business man. I want to make good quality, hand made patches and will take the time to make them right.

I'm going to do my best for you but I may not be as cool as I thought I was. I will get faster but for now  I can not promise shipping times ...though typically will ship within 8-12 weeks.

It will be fun when you have almost forgotten you ordered a patch, then one shows up in the mail  :)


I thank you with all I have. I truly appreciate the time you will wait for your order. Please wait for your patch.

If you would prefer a refund please let me know and I'll make it happen. I offer a quick  refund if you can't wait.