Strapless Eye Patch Tape

$1.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


For Strapless patches (the white tape has been discontinued)



Tape Kit includes 60 pieces of tape.

The tape kit should last 30 - 60 days or more. I am able to use the same tape on my patch up to 4 days without changing it.

The key is to clean your face very well where the tape rests.




Here we go… 

- Clean the area around your eye before placing the patch to your eye.


-To get a good idea on how the patch fits best, practice fit the patch before applying tape.


-When you have it down...


-Place the tape along the length of the padding on the patch ends. You can also place tape along the bottom of the padding as well for extra hold.


    On the nose side – overlap the side of the padding so the tape will stick to the side of your nose a bit.


-Rub the tape down firmly.

-Remove remaining backing off the tape and apply the patch to your eye, nose side first

Do not apply pressure yet; wait until you have the temple side set. This way you can remove it easily  careful not to catch your eyebrow or hair with the tape.


-Then, when you have the nose side where you want it, slowly set the temple side down.

Does it look and feel right? Then go ahead and apply pressure to the nose and temple.

If you didn’t get it on quite right, SLOWLY PEEL the patch down and off. DO NOT PULL.... it could hurt! You will get the idea.


Now…you may want to scratch under the patch at some point, DON’T!

You will need to utilize some Zen Master training now. If you just give the itch a moment, it will go away. You will get better at this I swear!


It could take up to a week to get accustomed to the new patch; all good things come with time.

If your patch ever comes off during a hot humid day or while exercising, just dry the patch and your face and stick it back on.

If you clean your face well before each use you could get several days use of the tape. 


Tape removal and patch cleaning:


When removing the tape, roll it off the pads by gently pushing the tape from the bottom, up,. You will end up with a fun, gooey, tape booger you can use to trick someone with. Pretend like you just picked your nose, then rub the tape booger on their arm. Fun for all ages :)

Don’t worry about remaining tape residue left on the pads; it will actually help the next piece of tape stick.


To clean your patch, front and back, you can use a drop or two of Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. You can get Isopropyl and alcohol prep pads at any local drug store.


Thank you and Enjoy! 


NOTE: Do not apply Patch tape directly to hair, it's very hard to remove. If that happens though, grandma says to use peanut butter.